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We are enthusiasts for business growth & transformation – with a clear strategy & hands on.

Mirko Schade

Innovation & Intellectual Property

"Some companies underestimate the immense competitive advantages that lie in good management of their intellectual property. Used strategically, patents are a powerful tool: they can improve market positions, avoid litigation, keep competitors at bay and increase company value.


For companies of all sizes, innovations and their protection are a valuable support for their growth and continued existence. For start-ups, patents are often the decisive argument to win over investors and to really take off."

Aerospace Technology, Business, Intellectual Property

  • Intellectual Property
  • Innovation and development processes
  • Innovation Strategies
  • Start-up evaluations
  • Aerospace technology, mechanical engineering
  • Management of intellectual property / intellectual property
  • Evaluations of start-ups (product portfolio, patents, markets, competition)
  • Advice on innovation and development processes

Steve Aurin

Search & Big Data Analysis

"Every business environment offers so much information, for example about the competition, competitor products or development opportunities of technology fields. But we don't just collect information - we analyse data. With the help of artificial intelligence, connections become visible that you can't see with the naked eye or based on previous experience.


That's what fascinates me: making the invisible visible and thus giving strategic and important decisions a new basis. Based on our analyses, companies can make their decisions on the basis of facts and no longer only on the basis of personal experience and intuition. The rate of subsequently successful decisions is increasing rapidly."

Mechanical Engineering, Intellectual Property

  • Market analyses
  • Big Data
  • Intellectual Property
  • Development support
  • Market analyses: competition, competitor products, designs, brands, technology fields, intellectual property
  • Novelty searches, landscape searches, freedom-to-operate searches, validity searches
  • Design of IP processes within companies
  • Patent monitoring
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