With research, AI and experience to success.

Classical Patent Searches

Head start through Artificial Intelligence (AI):
We analyze large amounts of data and information using AI.

Does your product infringe the property rights of competitors? Is your technology already patented? What are the chances of success of your patent application with regard to the activities of competitors? There are several types of patent searches but all require a certain level of expertise to achieve sound results. Our experts cover the entire spectrum, from database queries to extensive state-of-the-art searches.

Using search capabilities via Big Data and AI-based analytics, Integrate IP identifies the truly relevant information. This results in clear recommendations for action on how you can use this data with regard to your strategy and goals.

We conduct patent and non-patent literature searches specifically for two-sided proceedings and advise patent attorneys on the definition and implementation of the best possible search strategy.


For this purpose, we work in close cooperation with the patent attorney conducting the proceedings and determine the essential components of the search. Our reports are highly transparent and verifiable for both the patent attorney and the patent owner.


You have already conducted a search and need a better overview of the state-of-the-art? We would be pleased to work with you to assess which further search strategies are useful.

Our services include novelty searches as well as classical state-of-the-art searches. On the basis of an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), we analyze invention disclosures and conduct a novelty search on them.


In advance, we will discuss the details with you in order to obtain a common understanding of the subject matter of the search. On this basis, we develop a search strategy and suggest reasonable boundary conditions as well as limitations of the technical field in question.


With our reporting, you gain quick access to the identified state of the art and to the revealed characteristics of the searched subject matter.

For many companies, competition is becoming increasingly intransparent. As a direct result, the importance of intellectual property continues to grow.


Questions about the competitive situation and technological trends arise frequently. In which technologies are investments being made? What are known competitors doing in a specific technological field? Are there other previously unknown competitors? What do these trends mean for your own company? Is the patent portfolio of your company well positioned compared to the competitors?


We have developed a methodology that allows us to provide precise answers to these questions.
In close cooperation with you, we analyze the competitive situation in relation to a defined technological area with a high degree of methodological transparency. You receive detailed information about the activity of your competitors and can draw conclusions for your own company.

You need an IP coach to prepare your employees for the tasks of IP management? Contact us and we will put together a customized IP coaching offer for you.

The Integrate IP Agent supports you with your in-house patent work:
Are resources and budget constraints presenting you with recurring challenges?
Do invention disclosures ever remain unprocessed for too long?
Do you occasionally need to make quick decisions due to time constraints?


Especially in medium-sized companies, these challenges occur time and again. Our Integrate IP agent brings in valuable expert knowledge and supports you in your in-house patent work.


Depending on your needs, the Integrate IP agent can assist your company on an hourly or daily basis. The agent will support you, for example, in searching for and completing invention disclosures, or in other tasks related to your IP management as well as administration.

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