Innovative thinking is a state of mind.

For companies

Industrial property rights and patent strategies enable companies to achieve long-term success.

A thorough understanding of a companies market position and correpsonding strategies needed vis-à-vis its competition are crucial factors for the continued success of any business.

Specifically, companies should have a close look at the following aspects: Competitors and their market behavior, competitor products and existing property rights.

It is relevant for every company to know how it is positioned in comparison to its competitors. A precise knowledge of the market environment means having answers to the following questions:


Who are our relevant top competitors? Which competing products and technologies exist in the market and which existing intellectual property rights do we need to have on our radar? Does the technology provide a competitive advantage and can it be protected by patents?


The precise analysis of a technology field creates certainty for a company as to whether or not their technology represents a competitive advantage. Are there meaningful boundary conditions or limitations of the technical field in question by which a technology can be protected with patents? Analyses of novelty searches, as one example, provide concrete answers and recommendations for action.

For many companies, the competitive situation and consequently the status of intellectual property rights of competing products is intransparent.


In any innovation, one of the first questions to be answered should be whether the new product is eligible for patent protection. Our analyses provide a clear picture of opportunities and risks for a new product.


In addition, based on these analyses, concrete recommendations for the patent process or in avoiding conflicts with existing patents can be given.

Legal disputes with competitor companies can be very time-consuming and cost-intensive and, in the worst case, mean the end of a company's own product.


Thanks to an early analysis of property rights existing in the market, companies can have a precise understanding of resulting opportunities and risks and can develop a strategy for their own product portfolio.

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