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Freedom-To-Operate searches

Head start through Artificial Intelligence (AI):
We analyze large amounts of data and information using AI.

Intellectual property rights of third parties could heavily affect you in the production or distribution of your products. You may also be subject to cease-and-desist letters or even infringement lawsuits. The best way to assess this risk is with a freedom-to-operate analysis – FTO for short.

Together with your patent attorney, we will find the right search strategy and conduct the precise evaluation and execution of this freedom-to-operate analysis for you. We are happy to share our experience based on close cooperation with patent attorneys in order to jointly define and conduct the right search strategy. In doing so, we work with transparent strategies that can be verified down to the last detail.

Integrate IP uses search capabilities of the digital age (Big Data analytics and AI based analytics) to identify the truly relevant information. We provide clear recommendations for action on how you can also use this data with regard to your strategy and goals.

Thanks to our data-driven analysis of opportunities, risks and potentials, you can make strategic decisions – not based on gut feeling and suspicion, but on facts and knowledge.

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