We increase corporate value.

With a combination of Intellectual Property, Market Intelligence & Competitive Analysis and the support of Big Data & AI.

Who we work for

Industrial property rights and patent strategies enable companies to achieve long-term success.

What is the real value of a startup? Using IP analyses helps to correctly assess the prospects of success for startups.

Investors prefer startups with patents. Secure funding for a successful startup with a patent strategy.

Why Integrate IP?

We combine all relevant dimensions for the success of your company.


Legal expertise and years of experience in industrial companies: as technical and legal experts we dive deep into different technologies and develop the the right strategies for your IP management.


Our service does not end with the preparation of a patent application. We focus on your entrepreneurial and business strategy and provide answers for all questions concerning intellectual property.


Our expertise in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) complements our experience and intuition: Our Big Data analyses deliver facts & knowledge for your strategically relevant business decisions.

We create value for you

Whether technologies in plant and vehicle construction, medical and measurement technology or other industries; whether consumer goods of various sectors – we have been optimizing patent strategies and increasing company values for many years.